DMG Canvas

DMG Canvas 2.0.8

Customise your disk images

Customizing disk images usually requires quite a lot of technical know how but that's not the case with DMG Canvas. View full description


  • Allows easy customization of disk images
  • No technical knowledge needed


  • Some features require registration


Customizing disk images usually requires quite a lot of technical know how but that's not the case with DMG Canvas.

DMG Canvas builds disk images from template documents that you create using a simple and easy to use graphics editor. It's ideal for those that release disk images regularly because all you have to do each time you you release a new version of your disk image is simply click Build again and DMG Canvas puts together all of the latest versions of your files.

You can also specify the license agreement you want displayed when the disk image is mounted so if your software has changed from freeware to shareware (like this program has in fact) it's very easy to do so. While all of the basic features are free in this version, if you register DMG Canvas, you unlock several bonus features such as the ability to unlock background layout for text and images and perform builds via the command line. However, for most users these features won't be necessary anyway as the point of DMG Canvas is that it means you don't have to use the command line at all.

For developers and software makers, DMG Canvas is an excellent easy to use tool for customizing your disk images.


  • Please note that DMG Canvas now requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
  • Avoids using Finder if it's not needed. This eliminates potential problems with the dmg's settings not being saved properly, and some settings being saved incorrectly. Removed setting for Leopard compatibility since it now does it by default.
  • Better error reporting when building
  • Can build multiple documents simultaneously (as long as they have different volume names)
  • dmgcanvas command line tool allows you to specify a volume icon and background image path as arguments
  • The generated background image is created 64 pixels taller than the window size so that if the Finder window height is off (due to varying behaviors in different versions of Finder), then there'll will still be part of the background image visible instead of it being obviously cut off.
  • Fixes:
  • Fixed a building bugs when viewing the Licenses view, or saving when viewing the Licenses view which break builds by not including a background image.
  • Building no longer marks the document as unsaved
  • Fixes some bugs which could cause a crash on build
  • Ensures that the disk image always has a volume name

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DMG Canvas


DMG Canvas 2.0.8